MSN has been good to me. After all, I do have this space, and I can share my knowledge of dogs with you. They featured this space 3 or 4 times in the past. Back when they had the "What’s Your Story" hub page. It’s sad that they got rid of that page. There are some cool features here at MSN Spaces though, like being able to use HTML, Windows Media Player, writing blog entries from my desktop, and theme settings. But let’s face it, most blog sites offer these features. There have been WAY too many ads here too. Ads with links that people leave as comments. For a long time, there was nothing you could do about those ads except delete them. It got so bad that I had to suspend comments. But MSN FINALLY fixed that, and now you can delete these AND report them as spam from the Spaces home page. About time!

Their latest venture, however, has me very aggravated. MSN has done away with the "Statistics" feature for Spaces!!! THIS REALLY SUCKS! The statistic feature allowed us bloggers to keep track of how many visitors our space was getting and from which links those hits were coming from. Now… WE CAN’T! When I first started this blog, I remember being excited about checking to see how many space views I was getting. The information from that feature helped me promote this space! For business owners using a blog to help get a business off the ground, or to see which topics their customers engage in the most, this was a VERY important feature! Alas, it’s gone. No more tracking views. No more information about which topics get the most hits. How are we to blog if we don’t know what you, the readers want? Sure, they still allow comments, but the majority of readers don’t comment. Even if they enjoyed the blog entry.

MSN says that as they improve Spaces they have to trade off features from time to time. WHAT?!!?! What feature could be better or worth trading for statistics?! That was a very useful feature, if not the most useful! MSN, BRING IT BACK! We bloggers want to know how many people view our space and what blog entries they are viewing, more than we want to play music, or do some of these other silly things. Why didn’t you think to ask spaces bloggers before getting rid of this feature? More than likely, we would have voted against getting rid of it.

I have been blogging here for 5 years now. But I don’t think it’s worth blogging here any more, because I simply don’t know which topics are getting the most views. And why would I want to waste my time adding to this space, if I don’t even know if people are reading it? BIG MISTAKE MSN! Even Facebook offers statistics for it’s pages! And offers statistics. Most blogging sites have statistics, why would you get rid of them?

Until MSN decides to give us back our statistics, I probably won’t be adding to this space anymore. I might do the occasional product review, but what’s the point of adding dog facts and information if I don’t know that you the reader are even reading it? If you need help with your pooch, you’re better off joining me on Facebook.

Ok, enough ranting. Leave me a comment if you read this review on MSN Spaces, because I won’t know you read it unless you do.  🙂