Q: We have a 7 year old bordie collie.. When we take him to the kennel for the weekend he comes home completely exhausted.
gets very excited when arriving there. I am sure he doesn’t sleep and
he is so active that his paws get worn raw and has a bruise over his
eye from going in and out of the doggy door. He will sleep for at least
two days after a 3 day stay. It is getting to the point of not wanting
to take him for fear that he will hurt himself.
Do you have any suggestions to cure this problem?
thanks, Randy

A: I simply do not have enough information to give you any behavioral
suggestions. His paws could be worn from prolonged exposure to
concrete, or burned by his urine. Sometimes kennels do not clean the
runs out when the dogs pee right away, which can lead to urine burned
paws. I would definitely make sure that you rule this out if you
haven’t already.

I would recommend you find a dog day care facility in your area that
can board him overnight as needed. This way you know he will get to
play in a supervised ring during the day, and have a nice tiled/matted
run to sleep in at night. Some of these places even offer t.v.s and
toddler beds for the dogs in their runs. Most dog day cares will charge
$10 to $20 per day for play and $25 to $35 a night for boarding
depending on the niceness of the facility. But remember, you get what
you pay for!

Thanks for your question and best of luck!