Beethoven is back in this latest edition called Beethoven’s Big Break. Available December 26th on DVD. This is a great movie that seems to show the audience the process of filming the original movie. Beethoven is simply a stray dog with three pups trying to survive on the streets of Hollywood until he meets a boy named Billy (Moises Arias from Hannah Montana) who’s father, Eddie (Jonathan Silverman), is an assistant animal trainer for Universal Studios. When Frizzy, the star Bichon Frise, is abducted from the set of the movie Eddie is working on, Beethoven happens along and steals the show. Now with Beethoven as the new star, Eddie must figure out how to train Beethoven to follow the new script, but Beethoven has his own plans.
The cast includes Rhea Perlman (Cheers), Stephen Tobolowsky (Heros), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Joey Fatone (N’Sync), Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother), and even Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer). The movie features music by The Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, High City Miles, and Everlife.
This is a great film for the whole family! When I was first approached by this movie, I thought, "Oh, not another Beethoven movie!" However, once I began watching it, I couldn’t stop laughing! There are a lot of great actors in this film, and they made the movie. Also, I know how hard it can be to train a Saint Bernard, and the dog in this film did very well. As a trainer, however, I could not stop correcting Jonathan Silverman’s character on his techniques. I was shhhed by my 5 year old a few times. Overall, I loved this film and I would recommend that you go and get your copy as soon as it comes out!