Mo Smells Red, A Sentsational Journey is a great children’s book about a real life rescued dog that uses his nose to smell the color red. In this first edition, by Margret Hyde and Amanda Giacomini, Mo is on a quest to learn about the color red via his sense of smell. As you may know, a dog’s sense of smell is his primary sense. Therefore, he will trust his nose over his eyes. Which is a great way to teach kids about their senses. But this book goes a step further than other children’s books with its brand new Press 2 Smell technology. At the back of the book, there are various different smell buttons that you simply press as you inhale to smell exactly what Mo is smelling! This book is simple and easy for small children to follow. My five year old loves it! She loves to practice her new reading skills on this book, but her favorite part is the smells.
There is also a product line behind this book. Including shirts for your favorite pooch, stickers, bookmarks, and more! The greatest thing about this book is that a portion of the proceeds benefit animals in need. So mosey on over to and get your copy today!