Well, as you can see the contest is up and running! Here’s how it works. Simply view all of the photos, there are 21, and then add a comment on the photo you want to vote for. The photo with the most comments wins. Remember to pause the slide show to add a comment on the photo of your choice. The contest will be up through out June and the winner will be announced in a special blog entry at the end of August.
There were a ton of pics sent in, and these are the only ones I could use. I apologize to those of you whom do not see your dog in the contest, but I had to limit the number of photos. Also some photos were way too big, in PDF format, or didn’t list the name of the dog(s).Unfortunately, I could not use those pics. Because the contest has begun, I’m sorry but I can not accept anymore photos for this contest. However, you can still send a pic of your favorite pooch for the next contest. We like to see dogs dressed up, doing something silly, or playing with that favorite toy, as well as those cute dogs, so keep that in mind when choosing a photo to send. Also, please make sure that any future photos are .jpg or .bitmap format and not too large.
Let the voting begin!