Recently I received 2 emails on the same day from publicists trying to get me to "hire" their clients to write for this blog. What? Yeah, I’m a bit shocked. One of the ladies is a very accomplished woman whom is the president of a breed club, owns her own daycare, therapy, and boarding facility ($6 million facility nun-the-less). She is also a certified AKC judge, won multiple times (best of breed) at Westminster, and has wrote a few books.
The other lady is also very accomplished. She works with dogs in tv and movies, produces, writes books, and is even hosting a show on PBS. She is an animal behaviorist to boot.
So… why would these ladies want to write for my small little blog? I don’t get it. Their publicists both stated that they were available to school my readers on various topics concerning dogs… HELLOOO! That’s my job!
I do this for fun in my spare time. So please, do not send me emails asking me to hire your clients to write for my blogs. I am very flattered that such accomplished people would want to write for this small blog, but I do not need journalists at this time. For now, this is a one man show. However… if there are any publishers reading this, I may be interested in turning my blogs into a magazine or book!Open-mouthed
On a seperte note, I am very glad that my blogs can be helpful to all of you that seek knowledge about your dogs. It is a pleasure to share information with those that want to learn, and I thank MSN for giving me a medium in which to do so.