The question here is: "Does Dominance Mean or Equal Aggression?" The answer is: No!
A dominant dog is simply a dog whom gets first choice of everything. They do not boss the rest of the pack around. Yet they are so confident, that the rest of the pack naturally wants to follow them. Dominant dogs are assertive, but that doesn’t mean they are aggressive. A true dominant dog does not need to be aggressive. They can get their way simply by projecting their confident energy. Dominant dogs will actually try to avoid a fight rather than start one.
In fact, aggressive dogs are usually insecure or fearful. They can seem to feel that their environment is not steady, or untrustworthy. Fearful dogs will lower their bodies, but they would rather flee than fight. When they become cornered they will become aggressive as a means to protect themselves. All a fearful-aggressive dog wants, is to be left alone.
Insecure dogs may become aggressive to show others that they have power. They may even posture themselves to display dominance as a kind of bluff. Or they may act fearful. These dogs are often the most debated in the dog training world. Their ability to act dominant or fearful can be confusing. But the key to spoting an insecure dog is aggression. Insecure dogs tend to use aggression on a more regular basis than dominant dogs, or even fearful dogs.
Aggression, in my experience, doesn’t come from dominant dogs too often. For the most part, they seem to be able to defuse a situation in a calm yet assertive way, with out ever threatning with aggression. However, some dominant dogs do use corrections that can appear to be aggression to the untrained eye. Then there are the dominant dogs that are trained to display aggression, such as in K9 officers and guard dogs.
Dominant dogs are very fun and entertaining dogs to work with and train. They are so confident in themselves that they tend to learn quickly, and work harder with eagerness. If you don’t establish yourself as the leader in your pack, you may find that your dog will. Dominant dogs are very persistant, and consistent in what they do. If they see you or another dog in your pack as weak, they will take over to ensure survival of the pack.