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It seems like not too long ago, that the words "dog" and "psychology" were not often placed in the same sentence. And if they were in the same sentence together, people laughed and believed it to be a joke. People still laugh when they hear those two words together today, however with people like Cesar Millan on television, those two words are becoming more widely accepted in the same sentence and even as a job title.

Dog psychology is the study of the dog’s mind. A dog psychologist is a person who uses what they are learning about the dog’s mind too help solve behavior problems that various clients might be experiencing with their dogs. Reasons one might want a dog psychologist rather than a dog trainer are behaviors such as: Extreme aggression (Red Zone), extreme fearfulness or timidness, and obsessive behaviors that interfere with everyday routines and life. A dog psychologist can observe a dog in action and tell by different cues the dog is giving off as to what might be causing the behavior problems. Sometimes certain behaviors stem from mental conditions, while others could be caused by bordem or even stress and cabin fever.

People sometimes tend to think that studying the mind of a dog is pointless. "How is it useful?" is one of the many questions I’m often asked. Actually, it is quite useful. Understanding canine psychology helps us understand how to better train our four legged friends as well as how to deal with their psychological problems and/or disorders. Which inturn helps us to live with them peacefully. Dogs are so much like us, and we’ve learned that through canine psychology. It has taught us how to better relate with our canine counter parts. We understand how their pack structures work and we can apply that to everyday life with our dogs.

Canine psychology is more than just a job or title to me, it’s also a way of life. With out dogs, mankind would be at a loss. Dogs play such a huge role in our lives and it’s absolutely satisfying to know that I know how, and can teach others how, to identify with them.