Doggy daycares are becoming more and more popular as we are spending more and more money to pamper our pooches. But is doggy daycare really a good thing? Actually, YES!
Doggy daycare is a great way to socialize your dog. It’s also great for fulfilling your dogs pysical and mental needs. It gets the dog out of the house to play with other people and dogs. By the time you come to pick up your pooch, he’s so tired that you can rest from work! Daycares are a great resource for giving your dog the exercise he needs, while keeping him from being bored and destructive at home. Plus, he’ll get to go out and potty on a regular basis throughout the day! No more crating, or chewing up your stuff. Your dog will be playing with other dogs while you are at work!
Some doggy daycares even offer webcam viewing of your dog playing right on your office computer, so you’ll always know what your pooch is up too! Others will give you a hand out telling you what your dog’s activities where for the day, just like a children’s daycare. Most will even offer training during daycare!
How do I know all this? Because I now work at one! It’s a great experience for workers, the dogs, and pet parents alike!
So check in the yellow pages for a doggy daycare near you. Most of them charge around $10 for half a day and $17 for a full day. (Training and giving of medications may be extra).
Remember, a tired dog.. is a good dog!