I just wanted to take some time and thank MSN Spaces editors for featuring my space for the third time. Doggy Times is a fun way for me to help people connect with their dogs.
Thanks to MSN "What’s Your Story?" editors, I have been able too do so in a massive way. Since April of 2005, I have had nearly 200,000 vistors to my humble little online space. Doggy Times II has also been featured, which has also helped me teach people more about their dogs’ breeds.
When I first started, I didn’t have too many hits at all. Once MSN editors found my space and featured it, things took off. Then I decided that I wanted to not only teach people about their dogs’ psychology and how to train them, but also about their breeds. So I started Doggy Times II. Again, very few people visited Doggy Times II at first. Thanks to the MSN editors, that changed. Doggy Times II now gets close to 300 hits a day.
I now have a space just for my dogs. It’s called The Boson Family, and shows people in a humorous way, how my dogs seem to view their lives.
I realize there are many great MSN Spaces out there, and so I thank the MSN editors for making mine realized to you. I hope you all find this space informative and entertaining. At least, I hope with all my heart, you come to understand your canine companions a little better from visiting my humble space.
Thanks again MSN.