For those of you that don’t know, Muskogee Oklahoma and surrounding areas have been hit hard by an ice storm over the weekend. Lots of people are with out power, gas,.. and even water. Shelters around the area are full, and hotels have no vacancies.
The president has declared a state of emergency for our area. Trees continue to crumble under the weight of the ice. I have added a photo album the depict the damage the trees have caused. Many trees are still laying on powerlines causing them to sag and even snap. Currently, there are more than 105,000 people with out power in all of eastern Oklahoma. More than 16,000 of these people are here in Muskogee. It is estimated that we will be with out power for at least a week, but it could be up to 10 more days. Professionals from other states have been kind enough to travel up here to help. Before they can even work on the lines, they must clear away the trees.
Saturday night was like the War of the Worlds. The streets in our neighborhood were dark. The only light was from the moon and the horrorfying green lights that filled the sky from all the transformers exploding and powerlines snaping. The ice on the trees was beautiful and yet terrifying. You didn’t know when you’d hear the next branch snap from the tree and crash to the ground, and you definitely didn’t want to be under it when it did.
While driving, you had to keep a close eye on the road, because there were no lights other than your head lights and those of others. Most people used there brights and blinded everyone else. Tree limbs had fallen in the road, so the roads were and still are like obstacle courses. Not only from the tree limbs, but also from the ice.
Last I heard, we got about 8 inches or so of ice… no snow. This was as of Saturday night.
Sunday, it was time for round two. Ice pelted us all day and the trees and powerlines sagged even more. Our neighbors tree completely fell over and tore the roots out of the ground. Our other neighbors tree threatened our powerline, so I had to go out in the ice storm and push the limb off our line with a ladder.
The grass is completely frozen, so walking anywhere is like walking on a crunchy ice rink. The streets are not all that bad, except in residential areas.
Amazingly, some of our neighbors two houses down were leaving their poor helpless dogs outside all day and all night through this horrible ice storm. Nobody was home to take care of them. So while I was pushing the tree limb off our powerline, I had my wife go over there to tell them to bring their dogs in, or we’d report them to the authorities for animal neglect and cruelty. As I said they weren’t there, but their neighbors were, and they gave my wife the number to call them. She did, and they didn’t seem to care. The guy said his dad would be arriving shortly, and he did. I am happy to report that I haven’t seen the dogs outside since.
My dogs can barely walk on the ice. I can’t imagine, and frankly don’t won’t too, how long they’d last outside in the middle of a two day ice storm.
Please remember to leave your pets a warm place to retire when the weather is cold. It is also important to leave plenty of water for them as well as food.
We are fortunate that we have a place to stay that still has power, but others in town have to stay in shelters, and still others are less fortunate. They are still in their homes, using only gas stoves to keep them warm. I ask everyone to please pray for these people. Muskogee has come together as a town, there are about 38,000 of us, and half don’t have power. Hopefully we can all come together as a nation and pray for those that are worse off than us.
It’s time to clean up now. With temperatures staying below freezing for the next few days, it’ll be difficult. We will need to take care of ourselves as well as our pets. Please don’t forget those precious pets. They need our help too.