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What’s with the changes?

Chance: "Hey, Mom, what happened to MSN Spwaces?"
Mitsy: "Huh? Let me see that." {Hops up on chair}
Oreo: "What’s going on over there?" {Laying on bed across from computer}
Chance: "We’re twying to figur out what happwened to MSN Spaces."
Oreo: "What? It looks like they changed the format!"
Mitsy: "Don’t freak out.. I’m sure it can’t be that bad."
Chance: "I don’t undwerstand."
Oreo: "What’s new?"
Mitsy: "Hey, be nice. He may get stuck in things a lot, but he’s not dumb."
Oreo: "Are you kidding? He’s about as sharp as a bowling ball!"
Chance: "What’s a bowling ball?"
Oreo: "See!"
Mitsy: "Oye! It’s like a tennis ball, only bigger, harder, and shiney."
Chance: "Oh."
Oreo: "ANYWAY, I wonder why they changed MSN Spaces?"
Mitsy: "I don’t know, it was pretty cool before."
Chance: "I twink it was cool before they chwanged it."
Oreo: "Mitsy just said that. Go get stuck in a recliner somewhere."
Mitsy: "That’s no way to talk to your son, Oreo."
Oreo: "Sorry, I’m just upset about the changes."
Mitsy: "Do you think Brandon will be back soon?"
Oreo: "Nah, he’s busy in the yard with K and L. He has no clue we’re on here. I know ’cause I just barked at him to let me out, and he didn’t."
Mitsy: "Good! ‘Cause the last thing we need is for him to find out we have our own space, and that we can type!"
Oreo: "We can’t type!"
Mitsy: "Then why are the words appearing on the screen?"
Oreo: "Because the computer is set to type what we say."
Mitsy: "Oh, I didn’t know it could do that!"
Oreo: "Well, we know where Chance gets it from!"
Mitsy: "GRRRR! You’d better remember who’s alpha female around here!"
Oreo: "Oh, I’m so scared!" {sarcastic}
Mitsy: "You’d better be!"
Chance: "Would you guys pwease stop bickering and deal with the probwem at hand."
Oreo: "You’re right Chance, MSN has completely changed the style of their spaces. I’m not too sure I like it.
Mitsy: "I concure. Spaces seems a bit plain now, and with Brandon’s measley dial up, the pages take awhile to load, or crash the browser."
Oreo: "Yeah, especially when using MSN Explorer."
Chance: "Maybe we shwould ask others what they twink."
Oreo: "I bet this is all F.E.L.I.N.E.’s fault."
Mitsy: "Oye! When will you quit it with this whole seceret society stuff?…. Chance, I agree. If any other dogs are reading this.. or humans… please tell us what you think about the new changes."
Oreo: "Cats need not respond… I’m on to you cats… you can’t fool me! Ha Ha Ha…"
{Brandon enters room unexpectedly}
Brandon: "What the… what are all of you doing around the computer?… and what’s that on the screen?"
Oreo to Mitsy: "Hurry! Sign out!!! Sign out!!!!" {Whispering from side of mouth}
Brandon: "Off! You guys know better than too mess with my computer…. that’s it…. Load up!"
Chance: "Ahh, man!….or uh, I mean woof!"
Brandon: "Huh?"
{Later that night before bed}
Brandon: "You’re not going to believe this L, but I think I heard Chance talk!"
L: "Go to sleep dear, you’re tired."
Brandon: "Yeah, I guess you’re right… dogs can’t talk. Night."
L: "Night." {Reaches over to kiss Brandon}
{Oreo laying at foot of bed}
Oreo: "heh heh heh." {chuckles softly with grin}