Quote from: The Boston Family

Human Trick Of The Week!

Alright! Oreo here with your brand new trick of the week! Last week we talked about how to get your human to say "NO!" as many times as possible with in a five minuite time period. I hope you all had success!
This week’s trick is designed to help teach you dogs to teach your humans how to properly go on walks!    
Step 1: Sit infront of your human and stare at him/her until he/she figures out that you want to go on a walk. (This may take some time… human’s aren’t that brite, and they can be lazy). If this takes too long, go to the door and paw at the knob. Some of you little guys may have to settle with pawing at the door itself. If this still doesn’t get your human’s attention, go and get the leash.. if you can.
Step 2: Make sure to run around like crazy so your human has to exercise to get the leash on you.
Step 3: Remember that the leash is attached to your collar or harness to give YOU control of your human!
Step 4: PULL! Pull on the leash as hard as you can.. humans can be heavy and stubborn! They are also slow, so pull extra hard until they can keep up. (You may be pulling for most of the walk).
Step 5: Give your human a break once and awhile by stoping on the nicest lawn in the neighborhood and doing your business. Humans like to admire grass for some reason, so this is their reward and a bathroom break for you. Two birds.. one meal! If your human is one of those that likes to pick up your doo… I’m sorry.. this is a gross habit, and there is no known cure.
Step 6: Make sure to involve your human in chases! Humans love to chase us and yell! If your human drops the leash, that’s the signal to run like the wind! Your human will have a blast chasing you.
Remember, a tired human is a good human! Keep the walks packed with exercise and don’t let your human get infront of you! You are the boss, not the human.
Good luck, and have fun!