Dogs… our canine companions and best friends. They can’t talk to us, but we know what they are saying. They are always there when we need them.. unless they see a squirrel that is. They give us company, companionship, and unconditional love. They also keep us laughing. Some dogs help people to live their lives more easily by simply doing what comes natural to them. Some even climb through rubble and debris to save our lives, while others are busy keeping drugs, guns, and criminals off our streets. No matter what job we give our canine companions, they will always save us just by being with us when we need them. Simply petting a dog has proven to lower stress levels in people.
So, what is it about dogs that make us mesh with them so well? Is it simply that we are so much alike? Is it because it is easy to see dogs as people? Most owners I meet treat their dogs like kids. They dress them up, or let them sleep on their bed. They spend time with them watching T.V. and even eat supper with them. Once or twice, I come across an owner that even takes their dog through the drive thru for a special treat!
I guess dogs just fill a gap that some of us have. You’re never alone with your dog by your side. Dogs don’t judge us like people do. They simply love. They are our best friends. Dogs are happy-go-lucky creatures that love to lick and play. I don’t think man has found any other creature on this earth that matches to our personality and fills the gap like dogs do. Sure, there are lots of animals out there to bond with. Birds, horses, and even cats! But they don’t return the love nearly as much as a dog.
Dogs are care free, they don’t care about what’s going to happen tomorrow. They live in the here and now. I think that gives some of us comfort. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t feel we needed to worry about how things are going to turn out? If you ask me, dogs were placed here on earth to be an example for us all. If only all of us could learn to be more like dogs.

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