Dog training is all about connecting dogs with their people. The human and dog bond can be a very powerful and beautiful thing. Dog training teaches dogs how to comunicate with people and people how to comunicate with dogs. It achieves this with routine and consistency.
In dog training, consistancy is extremely important. Imagine you are training your dog to go around behind you using a targeting stick, but you keep changing the direction you want the dog to go. When you say the command with out the stick, the dog will be confused and won’t know which way to go. However, if you stay consistant and keep the dog going in the same direction he will know how to preform the command correctly. The same applies on a daily walk. If you correct him for pulling once and awhile, but not all the time.. your dog will be confused. It is important to stay consistent and correct him each and every time he pulls.
Routine is great too, and just as important. Dogs thrive on routine. If you establish a routine in which he eats at 5:00 everyday, then he will look forward to that time. He will actually learn that at that specific time of day, he will get to eat. If you forget, he’ll remind you somehow. Same applies to training, if you train him everyday at 6:00, he’ll look forward to working with you at that specific time. This is good to start, but there are a few commands that should be incorporated into everyday life at random times. Just so he knows that he has to obey when you say so, not just at that specific time. Routine gives a dog a sense of purpose and order. They like to know what to expect through out the day. There are very few dogs out there that actually enjoy suprises! If you have a problem with your dog barking at the mailperson, watch him. You may notice that he knows exactly when to get ready for him to come by. The mail usually runs at the same time each day and your dog has picked up on this routine. He probably feels it is his job to bark at the mailperson until he leaves.. and he always will. If this is a behavior problem you have, I suggest that you stop the mailperson and introduce your dog. When they know eachother, the barking will turn into an excited greeting, and with training… a nice sit for a pat on the head.
Dog training is used in more ways than connecting people and dogs in the home. It also helps dogs learn to help people and people to help dogs! Search and Rescue dogs are taught with training to find and rescue injured and/or lost people. This is extremely rewarding work. Imagine you train a dog for several months or years to find and rescue a person. Your dog is finally ready and a disaster occurs. You are shipped out to the site and your dog bravely goes into the rubble and finds an injured person. Other rescue workers in the area passed over the area several times and did not find that person. Because of your dog and what you’ve taught him, that injured person survives. With out the help of your dog, that person would have perished. Your eyes well up with joy that you and your dog saved a human beings life.
Dog training is important for several reasons as you can see. Consider training for your dog if you haven’t already. It will help you and your dog in so many ways!