Is your dog bouncing around all over the place?












Is your dog growling and/or barking at everything that passes by the window or fence?








Is your dog playing "King Of The Couch?"




Does your dog lay around and dream all day?





Is your dog digging in the yard? 






How about chewing up all of your stuff? 


Chances are…Your dog is not getting enough Exercise or Discipline, and too much Affection.


All of these are symptoms of boredem. When dogs do not get the exercise they need, they develop behavior problems. Some are just annoying, but most can be destructive.



Your dog is begging you to play with him! Your dog is bored to death! All he’s trying to do is stay SANE! The result is that he acts insane! He simply has Cabin Fever.





Give your dog some Attention! But only praise the behaviors you like. This encourages your pooch to repeat those behaviors.  





Give him a job to do! 




                                                                Walk him everyday!














 Play with your dog!




If you simply pay attention to the signs and signals your dog gives you everyday, and give him the exercise and discipline he needs… you will find he will be a happier, healthier, well balanced dog. Dogs just need our love and our time. If we take care of their needs, they won’t feel the need to behave destructively. Let your dog know that you love him, but you are still the boss. Remember, Exercise..Discipline..then Affection. Don’t forget that your dog is still an animal. Animals have needs that differ from humans. Only praise and love on your dog when he is acting in a manner that pleases you, and he will thank you in so many ways.