Just thought I’d wish all of you a very happy Easter! Don’t forget to include your four legged friends!
Mitsy got to go with us to Bark @ the Park last night. It was a promotion for the Drillers Stadium (that’s our not so great baseball team). There were booths from the Humane Society, PETCO, and a vet clinic or two. I had the honor of standing behing the booth for PETCO as their offical trainer. That’s right! I was hired by PETCO to teach Canine Education Classes. I will still have my business too, so everything is cool!
Anywho, back to Mitsy… She did very well. She was calm and submissive all evening. She got to see Great Danes, St. Bernards, Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels. Goldens, Labs, and many other breeds. She also saw quite a few Bostons, which I believe she was most comfortable with! She didn’t know how to react standing next to a huge Great Dane!
She was a bit nervous at times, but she got to parade around the ball field in the doggy parade, and actually got some time on the Jumbo Tron screen! She was proud of that.
For the rest of the game, she pretty much just sat under my feet. She didn’t bark, she didn’t wine, she was the perfect lady. I even tried to take her to the potty area, but she was too embarassed to go infront of dogs she didn’t know.
Now, I can tell you exactly how things would have gone if I had taken Oreo instead. He would have been all over the place! He’d a peed on everything, smelled every dog, and probably would have tried to mount the Great Danes! The dog is crazy sometimes. I would have had my hands full if I’da taken him. I missed him like crazy though. He’s my baby, and I love to take him everywhere I can.
If I’da taken Chance, well… he’da got stuck in something. He tends to do that. He’da wined his high pitch wine, and people would have thought a tornado was coming! He would have also tried to mount the Great Danes, but I think when he realized they were actually dogs, he’d probably jump off and squat somewhere. He’s the clown in our family..dog wise anyway.. and he’da been hilarious to take, but also a handful.
So I think I made the right decision, Mitsy all the way. She even sat quietly in the back seat on the way to and from the game. She is truely a lady.
Thanks to all of you that have voted for me. Wether I win or loose, I hope you all feel a bit closer to your dogs because of reading my blog. If I’d made this happen for anyone, it has been well worth it.