Yeah! It’s back! Finally a new trick! It’s been a real long time since my last trick of the week post. This weeks trick is fun and functional. It’s called….
This trick involves having your dog finding your lost remote, picking it up in his mouth, bringing it to you, and dropping it into your hand! This is a great trick to impress visitors with, and very useful if you are constantly looking for your remote. Some dogs may be able to do this better than others, especially retrievers, but any dog can do it with time, patience, and practice.
Difficulty: 4 (1 is easiest and 5 is hardest)
Things Needed: A remote, a clicker, and rewards (treat or favorite toys).
Step 1. Hand your dog the remote and click and treat him for taking it and holding it.
Step 2. Back away a step or two and click and treat him for carrying it to you.
Step 3. Put the remote on the couch or coffee table and tell your dog to Take it. Click and treat him for picking it up in his mouth.
Step 4. Send him into the living room at greater distances and click and treat him when he finds the remote.
Step 5. Call him to you as he gets the hang of this and click and treat him for holding it until you reach out to take it.
Step 6. Replace Take It with the command Remote by offering the new cue right before the old cue "Take It."
Remember, be patient and practice often. Some dogs may pick up on this faster than others. If you have problems with getting your dog to take it in his mouth, then first work on getting him to do that. Don’t click and reward him for chewing it, just for holding it. You may want to start out with an old remote first so he won’t destroy the one you normally use until he learns to just hold it.
See the blog about clicker training to learn more about this method of training. You can find it by scrolling down, or by clicking on the Dog Training link in the category section.
Also, remember that dog training should be fun for you and your pooch. Do not attempt to train your dog if you are feeling aggrivated, frustrated, or angry. Dogs do not understand these emotions as we do, and you may end up confusing or scaring you dog.
Enjoy! Leave any questions or comments below!