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Do you have a problem with your male dog(s) marking in the house? Some male dogs, especially the little guys, mark indoors so quickly that even if you’re vigilant you may not be able to stop them.


Now, there is an answer to all of your male marking problems. It’s called the Bellyband. It’s a soft, wide cloth belt with a pouch that holds absorbent pads. The band fastens around the dog so if he marks, the pad catches the urine and protects the target. Bellybands can be purchased through pet supply stores and catalogs or can be made fairly easily at home.


To make a bellyband, measure an 18 to 24 inch wide strip of cloth to fit around your dog’s middle, leaving a couple of inches extra at each end for finishing. Fold the cloth along its full length into thirds then sew hook and loop fastener strips at each end (hooks at one, loops at the other). Tuck a standard sanitary pad into the fold, wrap the belt comfortably snug where it needs to be around your dog, and fasten the ends together. Check pads frequently and change when soiled.


So there you have it. A contraption that can save your house from smelling like urine. Although, if you do not change the pads as needed, your dogs will be the ones smelling it up.