Well, Walagata has suspended my bandwidth once again. That is where I keep all of my sounds and music files to be hosted on my spaces. I apologize, but so many people have either copied or just listened to the sounds on my space and used all my bandwidth. I guess it’s time to find another site to host my sounds, preferably one with more bandwidth! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t really had much time to post new blogs or look for a new hosting site.
Thanks to everyone who has visited my space on a regular basis. I am sorry if I do not respond to your comments as quickly as I used too. Any free time I have, I try to get on and blog!
On the personal side.. I am preparing to enroll in an online course to broaden my horizons in this field. In about 7 to 8 months from now, I will be able to offer training for search and rescue, agility, guide, hunting, and police dogs. I am very exicited. This will greatly improve my abilities and help me to expand my business. This is a business where you learn something new everyday, and I love every miniute of it. Some day I plan to offer everything that this field has to offer. Thanks again to all of you that visit my humble space.