I use a third party web host to post all of my sounds on my Doggy Times spaces. Because I’ve had so many people looking for Porky’s Blue Christmas, I’ve had to delete that blog entery. Walagata.com has said that my bandwidth has been exceeded and they’ve disabled  it until next month. So until then, there will be no sounds on Doggy Times.
Also, I’d like to ask everyone who copies my pics and animations, to please use a third party site to host them on yours such as Photobucket.com or Walagata.com. When people link and host the animations from my space, they slow my space down, as you can see. Photobucket and Walagata have free memberships with a set amount of bandwidth for you to use, please be respectful and do not use up all mine. Thanks so much for all your cooperation!
I hope you all continue to enjoy Doggy Times, "Where It’s All About The Dogs!"
Doggy Times