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Uh-oh! Is Fido in the toilet again? Maybe he isn’t getting enough attention. That’s right, dogs usually misbehave because they do not get enough attention. The worst thing you can do is to let him fend for himself. You need to play with him and love on him to keep him happy. Dogs are pack animals, and they require lots of attention. I’ve said this many times before, but dogs are a lot like kids.
Dogs do what works. That means they do whatever they have to to get attention, or rewards. Attention, to a dog, is a form of reward. So even if it is negative attention, it is still better than no attention, to your dog. Drinking from the toilet is rewarding, after all, the dog is getting "fresh" water and it’s raised up instead of on the floor. That means it’s easier for him to drink out of than his water bowl. It also gives him an adreneline rush because there is the chance of getting caught. If he gets away with it, he will continue to do it.
Some people actually try to reason with their pooch. They try to tell them that drinking from the toilet is gross. Do not try to reason with your dog about drinking from the toilet. Try thinking like a dog. After all, a lot of dogs eat their own poop, and lick places you’d never want to imagine! Drinking from a recently flushed toilet seems a bit better doesn’t it? At least to your dog it does.
So if your dog is misbehaving, ignore it. Now I’m not saying if you catch your dog drinking from the toilet you should just let him. The best way to train you dog not to do things like that is prevention. Do not allow your dog access to the toilet or anything he could get into that he shouldn’t. But if your dog is doing something bad to get your attention, ignore it. This means don’t give him attention by scolding him for doing bad things. Give him attention only when he does something you like. For example: If your dog is jumping on you to get attention, ignore his jumping, redirect his behavior by give him a command to sit, and when he does.. acknowledge him with abundance.
Remember, your dog loves you and all he wants to do is please you. So show him when he does and you’ll be great friends   .Image hosted by