Quote from Doggy Times II:

Chance’s Day Out

Hello, my name is Chance. I am the son of Mitsy and Oreo. I am still young and full of energy. I get embarrassed sometimes because I tend to get stuck in things. Yesterday I got stuck under the recliner again. I like to lay under the foot rest when my human puts it up. I like the shade. But then I remember that I’m inside. Oops. I went outside today and pottied. It was fun. I saw a dead bird in the yard, so I rolled around in it for awhile. Then my human came over and told me not to, so I stopped. But when he was watching my parents and I went back over there and rolled around some more. Then I ate some grass and then pooped on it. After I poop I like to spread the sent by kicking up dirt. Today I accidently kicked dirt on Oreo and he got mad and chased me around for awhile. He is grouchy sometimes with me. Then I heard the dogs in the back yard behind us, so I tried to jump the fence. I didn’t make it over, but Mitsy did! Oreo came over and we got into a fight. Then our human came over and broke it up. I don’t like Oreo jumping on to me about trying to jump the fence. After all, he gave me the idea! It’s not fair, Oreo is always bossing me around. He’s not the alpha male you know, just the assistant alpha male. So I don’t know what his problem is.

Mom snores. I can’t sleep with her when we’re loaded up together. I end up staying awake all night because she is so loud! She has a hair lip, so I know she can’t help it, but still… I have to poke her through out the night so she’ll roll over! She’s a space hog too! I end up with my feet and ears hanging out of the kennell in the mornings! It’s rediculous! When I woke up this morning I felt heavier than normal. My human calls me the runt of the pack. I am not very big for a Boston, so I was suprised to feel heavier when I woke up and walked around. Then I realized that I was stuck to my blanket! I was embarressed again, so I went and hid under the table for awhile. Well, it’s late and my humans are sleeping. They don’t know that I am on here so I better go. Also Oreo is growling at me. That’s not a good sign. I think he needs to chill out! He is so darn bossy! Oh no, Mitsy just started snoring again. How am I ever going to get some sleep!?! Well, bye for now…