The Hurricane Katrina victims arrived at Camp Gruber about 3 or 4 days ago. Camp Gruber is about 15 to 30 miniutes away form Muskogee. We have seen lots of them at our local Wal-Mart store buying groceries and supplies. I feel so bad for these people. Most of them have lost everything… Family members and their pets. I think we all need to pray everyday for these poor people. I am so happy that tears come to my eyes when I see how much our surrounding community is trying to help. We had a media day today where all radio stations and T.V. stations gathered at a park and raised money for the victims. The whole country has chipped in and shown great support. Lets not forget the pets however. There are several shelters in Louisiana that have found cats and dogs alike roaming the flooded streets. Dr. Phil featured some of these shelters on his show yesterday. These shelters also need help to keep these pets alive. They need supplies and donations so they can reunite these pets with their owners. Of course the people come first, but we cannot forget that dogs and cats are suffering too. They are lost and they don’t know what happened to their owners. They are in crowded shelters just waiting to return to a home that may not be there any longer. There are strange smells, food, and people all around them. Lets help them return to their owners alive, and safe. The victims of Hurricane Katrina don’t need anymore heartache. They need help. Thanks for your support.
Here are some websites you can visit to help the animals of Hurricane Katrina:
The Humane Society Of America:
Louisiana SPCA:
ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals):
For a longer list of animal aid organizations accepting donations to help Hurricane Katrina survivors:
Please help if you can and remember that our pets are part of the family too.