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We have a slight situation here in Oklahoma. A senator from Moore, Oklahoma named Paul Wesselhoft wants to completely outlaw Pit Bulls in Oklahoma. Apparantly he has singled out this breed because he thinks it is the most dangerous. He doesn’t seem to be educated about the breed. I’m not sure that he has done any research on the breed, or if he even knows any. From what I understand he is basing his opinion of the breed on news stories and heresay.

Here is the truth about Pit Bull Terriers… They are very misunderstood animals. These poor dogs have been the subject of many bad stories, but the truth is that few of these stories are true. Pit Bulls were originally bred to control bulls and to be used as general working dogs. They have extremely powerful jaws to hold on to the bull as it thrashes around to bring it down. I don’t actually know of any pits that do this now-a-days though, however, some still herd cattle. "Underground breeders" breed the dogs for fighting. Their powerful jaws can do a lot of damage, and their muscular bodies make the breed ideal for fighting. When a pit bull locks on to something with it’s jaws.. it doesn’t let go. This is why when one of these abused fighters gets loose and attacks a child, it tends to do more damage than other breeds. This breed’s temperment is not naturally mean spirited. These dogs are friendly natured and can be very loving and loyal if raised properly. They, like any other breed, don’t understand why these "underground breeders" are so mean to them. So they take a defensive posture. They learn to associate people as mean unloving creatures which causes them to attack. How many of you would attack Bin Laden if you saw him walking infront of your house? This is how these abused pit bulls see us. Any dog would act the same way, it just seems that pit bulls are the "underground breeders" pick for making fighting dogs.
However, it is the abused fighting pits that are the problem, not the "pet" pit bull. These "underground breeders" should be the ones punished, and not the dogs. As a dog trainer for sixteen years, I have only met a few mean pit bulls. Usually these "underground breeders" keep their dogs locked up or chained. They abuse the dog to make it mean so it will fight other dogs and win them money. Outlawing and destroying this entire breed is not the answer. We need to find away to punish these "underground breeders" and not the breed. If we get rid of all pit bull terriers, these "underground breeders" will just find another breed to breed and fight. I purpose a new law.. instead of eliminating and outlawing all pit bulls.. let’s make it a law that all breeders must be licensed to breed any breed of dog. Most of these "underground breeders" of pit bulls will not be able to afford a license. If a breeder is caught selling dogs without a breeders license, they should be fined and/or jailed. This way we do not need to eliminate the breed completely. This would also help with the number of strays running around.
Every breed under the sun is succeptable to being mean and aggressive. It’s not the dogs fault. Like I always say, dogs are like kids.. they learn from example. People are the problem, not the dogs. Raise your dog responsibly, and you won’t have any problems.
There is an online petition you can sign against outlawing and destroying this breed. They need to get at least 10,000 signatures to stop Sen. Wesselhoft’s proposed law. Please feel free to leave your comments on this subject below. If you’d like to sign the online petition please go to: and voice your opion to Sen. Wesselhoft.
Remember Petey from the Little Rascals? He was one of the most famous Pit Bull Terriers in the country. He played around children on a daily basis, with not one single problem. Simply because he was raised responsibly like all dogs should be.
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