Oh boy… dogs are silly sometimes. Dogs make us laugh, which is good.. without laughter, we get depressed and don’t always focus on the important things in life. How is it that dogs are so good at making us laugh? Possibly because they are so much like us! So when they do goofy things, it reminds us of something we might do. Admit it.. how many times has something you were wearing just happened to get stuck on something? My dogs always get there harnesses stuck on there blankets and then they drag them all over the house! How many of you have walked into a sliding glass door thinking it was open? I know some dogs that have done that. Or, how many of you have gotten stuck under a recliner? Uh.. ok then, just my dog Chance.. don’t ask. The point is that dogs are so much like us.. that it is incredibly easy to bond with them. Sometimes the bonding goes a bit to far though, and we start treating our four legged friends like people. Don’t get me wrong.. I’d rather see a Paris Hilton type walking down the street with all kinds of crazy clothes on her tiny pooch than some poor abused dog who doesn’t get any love at all. All I’m saying is that dogs do not totally think like us, that is why they are dogs and not people. A spoiled dog thinks of himself as a dominant male.. or female.. and can be very difficult to train. Behavior problems start, and before you know it.. you have a diva on your hands! Nothing will be good enough. I’ve known dogs that were so spoiled they wouldn’t eat a peice of bread with out having it cut up for them! At this point, they become nearly impossible to live with. They will expect everything to be catered unto them, you are a submissive to them. The horrible thing about it is that you put yourself there! So when you try to finally correct the problem, what makes you think your dominant dog is going to listen to you.. a meer submissive? However, some dog trainers enjoy this because it means big bucks. This kind of thing will take a very long time to over come. By the way, I just heard on the radio today that Paris Hilton got rid of her little chihuahua Tinkerbell because he got to big! Crazy!
Dogs are cool. No doubt about it. I look at dogs and they inspire me. When they want something, they usually go for it. They are brave in the midst of danger. I’ve seen a little 8yr old Yorkshire Terrier with only three molars in his mouth stand up to a perfectly healthy 2yr old German Shepard and somehow the Yorky scared the German Shepard off! That’s just amazing to me.. and a little funny. Dogs rock! They respect eachother. Dogs will not fight eachother unless nessicary. It’s kinda like they have their own code of honor like knights used too. Of course there are the rebels out there of the dog world, but for the most part, this is what I’ve observed. Have you ever noticed that chihuahuas seem to be a bit more aggressive than Great Danes? Why is it that the smaller the dog, the tougher he acts, and the bigger the dog.. the more friendly he seems? Now it’s not always like that of course, but you know what I mean. I think it has to do with self esteem. Smaller dogs have to work harder to be taken seriously than big dogs. You see, dogs can smell fear and other emotions in people. There is a chemical change in your body when you change moods, and dogs can pick up on that with their sense of smell. So maybe the little chihuahua feels if he barks a lot and looks mean, you will respect him, and the Great Dane knows you respect him because you are weary around him. Now breed temperment has a lot to do with it too, but this is just my guess.
Now I can’t stress this enough.. DOGS ARE A LOT LIKE KIDS! They have the mentality of a 2 to 3 year old. They will push buttons and test you to see what they can get away with. If they do something wrong, correct it right away or you will develope a problem. Dogs can be very clever, and sometimes they out smart us. Remember, they may act like a 2 or 3 year old, but they are also programed with natural instincts. It’s like they just know how to do things to survive. Although, raiding the kitchen trash has less to do with survival and more to do with fun. But they are problem solvers when it comes to food. That’s why I recomend the "Kong" toy for dogs. You can stuff treats and food in to it and it will keep your dog occupied and out of trouble for hours. Basically, the point I’m trying to make here is that dogs are just like us in a lot of ways. They don’t like to be bored, they enjoy routine, yet also love to be spontainious. Dogs rule and cats drool! Just Kidding! Enjoy your dogs as the friends that they are meant to be. Don’t neglect them, they have feelings too. Dogs need us as much as we need them.