Boston Terriers are great dogs. They are good with kids. They are considered the ‘gentlemen’ of dogs. Their tuxedo like markings help to enforce that label. Bostons are not always as loyal as a golden retriever, but they can learn to be. Bostons love to explore everything. They are very energetic dogs whom love to express their emotions. They paw at things like cats and catch things with their paws sometimes! Bostons are clowns. They get into situations that will make you laugh. They love to please their owners, except when chasing something outside! They are easily trained though, so that’s not a problem for long if you can have them trained. Bostons are caring and gentle with babies wether they are human or not. They seem to understand what is fagile and what is not.
Sam Anderson says, "A Boston Terrier knows no other place to lie than on you. A Boston has to be touching you. Boston Terriers are the gentleman of the dog world. Every Boston I have owned goes behind you down the stairs, never in front. They always wait for you. Boston ‘Terrorists’ are con artists. They will figure out ways to con you to get their way. They will pretend to have to ‘go,’ run out, and then run back in and go right to the cookie jar. On laundry day, watch those piles of clothes and blankets-there is surely a Boston buried in one. Bostons love to kiss everyone, even the judges in the show ring. Boston Terriers love all veggies. They will dig up your potatoes after you plant them. Bostons think they are as big as big as a Saint Bernard. Bostons are adorable puppies, clever as teenagers, and wise and gentle as seniors.
Years ago a friend of mine was dying of cancer. Since he loved dogs but never owned one, we let him take care of Gidget while we traveled. Gidget never left his side and laid on the floor by his bed, a constant source of comfort." He goes on to talk about his Boston named Ringo. "Ringo watched me make a Caesar salad; he figured that he had to tear up the lettuce as I do before he could eat it. Ringo love carrots. I brought home a 20-pound bag of carrots and before I knew it the bag was getting empty. I found carrots stuck in my shoes in the closet! He also sits for hours on a stool in the kitchen and watches squirrels. Now he is a good birder too. Ringo loves his Sunday frozen yogurt cone. I stopped to buy some fruit and Ringo took the cone from the front seat holder to the back seat without spilling a drop on his way. He was holding it with his paws eating his cone when I returned to the car. To this day I don’t know how he did it."
Now that sounds just like a Boston.