Even though the majority of us love dogs, there are some people out there that fear them. That is understandable. Dogs can be scary teeth bearing monsters at times. That is just their way of defending themselves and their territory. After all just like with people, if you meet a strange dog he or she will be wary of you at first. A lot of that, however, is dependent on the dog’s up bringing and breed charictaristics.
In my experiences, I have never feared a single dog. I work for Orkin doing termite work so I go into a lot of back yards checking termite monitors. I run into a lot of dogs that act mean at first and then by the time I’m done checking the monitors, they don’t want me to leave! I have learned that dogs just want to love people, they want to make us happy. I can usually charm most dogs, but some just will not have it! Others are more afraid of me! I remember one time while I was checking monitors and I went into the back yard of this house. The house extended a bit past the fence. I was really into checking the monitors this particular day, not really paying much attention to anything else. As I rounded the corner I saw this black figure, looked ghostly at a glance because it was moving fast. I bolted out of the back yard and the black figure bolted back behind the house! As I caught my breath and decided to go back into the back yard to check it out, I peered around the corner of the back of the house and discovered a dog house. As I bent down to see if there was a dog in there, a black head popped out. It was a 6 month old black lab! I finally realized that we had scared eachother! He was doing his own thing, and I was doing mine and when we saw eachother, we both startled and bolted away! Well, I had a pretty good laugh, but the lab was still a bit wary of me. He didn’t bark, he just kept his distance and everything was fine. He was very curious, however, about why I kept poking at the ground! The point here is that dogs are just as scared of us as we are of them most times.
I know a lot of you have phobias concerning dogs. Some of you are afraid of getting bit, others just don’t like dogs. That’s ok, everyone has their preferences. Those of you who are afraid of getting bit, let me just say, whatever your experiences with dogs, they don’t usually bite without reason. Either they were trained to do so, or they feel threatend, or they have learned from there owners that people are bad. Remember, dogs are a lot like children. They are innocent. Their experiences with people can cause fears of us, just like some of you have of them. So please don’t base your fears, or your opinion of all dogs, on just a few bad experiences. I have never known any dog to just bite people for fun. The truth is that dogs don’t want to bite us. They will try everything they can to avoid it. Hence the blog entry about doggy body language I wrote called: "How Do Dog’s Communicate?"
Dog fears are a pretty common thing. When they bear their teeth and snarl, growl, and bark they can be pretty scary looking. However, if you get to know the dog(s) you will find they are really just big teddy bears.