Is Routine Important To Your Dog?

Routine is very important to your dog. Routines make them feel comfortable, because they know what’s going to happen, and they look forward to it! For example, if you take your dog outside every day before you go to work and when you get home from work, he will learn quickly that he doesn’t need to releave himself in the house because he will be going out at that time. Now, I’m not saying dogs can tell time, I’m simply saying that they learn their routines and then remember them. Our routine is the dogs go out 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then once at night before bed. After they come in from the first and last time, they know they will be fed. This helps them to do their business faster because they know they will get to eat as soon as they get inside.

In the wild, wolves will hunt at certain times during the day. It’s routine to hunt in the early morning, and early evening. During the day it’s time for resting, playing, and dominating others. Once a pack has formed a daily routine, it is very rare that they deviate from it. It’s the same way with domesticated dogs. Routine helps them to behave, do their business, eat, play, etc. If you make a daily routine, or even a weekly routine for your dog.. he’ll be happier! Dogs with out routines are usually bored, so they get into more trouble, and are not as willing to learn because they have developed their own negative routines. Once a dog has learned a negative routine, it can be very hard to break.

So try it! Give your dog a routine. I think you will notice a huge difference in his behavior once he learns his new routine! You will see him going to bed at a certain time, asking to go outside at a certain time, and eating at certain times. It’s great! I don’t even have to tell my dogs when to go to bed, they just do! Oreo, being the pack leader, is the one to ask me to go outside for the rest of the dogs to potty at certain times during the day. He will go over and ring the bell on the door. The cool thing is, that it is always at the same times each day! (Ring The Bell was a trick of the week. To learn it, ask and I will email you the instructions)!

So in conclusion, routines are important to your dog. It gives him a sense of structure and purpose to his day. He will know when he wakes up that he has a lot to do that day, and he’ll look forward to it! I strongly recommend giving your dog a daily routine! After all, that’s a lot of what dog traing is all about!

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