I thought I’d share a bit of info on those Boston’s you see over there. First, we have Oreo. He’s the one you see the most of. He’s my baby! He was the very first Boston that I’ve ever had. He is now 5 years old. He is a bit spoiled, but well behaved! He is a good example of a dog who passive-aggresively dominates. In other words, he uses his cuteness to get his way. When I tell him NO, I have to be tough, because he uses "the look" against me!

Then there’s Mitsy. She is the  one with the hair lip and lazy eye! She is now 4 years old. When we moved to Tulsa from Wichita, my wife wanted a dog too. Mostly, because I was kinda possesive of Oreo! Anyway, we got her for a discount, because of the hair lip. To us, it’s just cute. I think she looks like Elvis sometimes! Anyway, she is very funny, always getting into a silly situation. The funniest thing about her is that she is so laid back and "lady like", and then she goes and does something silly.

Well, last, but not least is.. Chance. He is 3 years old. Now he is hilarious! He is the clown of the Boston Family. We kept him from our first litter of pups. He was the runt. What he lacks in size, he surely makes up in personality. He is the kind of dog that craves attention all the time. He just can’t get enough! Notice the blog pic of Chance with his paw in Oreo’s eye! He is always trying to out do Oreo, it’s really quite funny. Chance is such a clutz. He gets his harness stuck on blankets and drags them around the house! Or gets his head stuck in weird places! His bark is so high pitched that it sounds like a constant yelp. He keeps us laughing.

Mitsy and Chance are very close. For some reason though, Chance is constantly licking Mitsy. I think the reason is because Mitsy has some skin allergies, and he is trying to sooth her. Sometimes they will all get together and have what I call a "Lick Fest". Oreo will lick Chance, and Chance will lick Mitsy and Mitsy will lick Oreo. They love to lick, and lick, and lick, and lick, well… you get the picture. Oreo is always trying to lay on me! I think he likes the security. Mitsy always wants to lay in her kennel, and Chance, well… he gets stuck under the recliner somehow, and my wife has to dig him out before I can get up! He is quite funny, and very ditsy!

Well, that’s a little about my dogs. I hope you can see their personalities a little better now that you have read this blog. Thanks, and feel free to share some of your dogs stories!