So, what do you think? Why is it so important to train your dog? Well, there are many different opinions out there. Some people just believe in letting their dogs run wild around the neighborhood. Others love their dogs so much they just let their dogs do whatever they want. You can probably see how neither of these instances is a good idea. Letting your dog wander the neighborhood can cause a lot of problems. A wandering dog may get into other peoples trash looking for food, or deficate on neighbors nice lawns. Also he could be hit by a car, or even shot! Another problem with this is if this is a dog who hasn’t been fixed, you will see random breeding. This causes strays. On the other hand, dogs that are allowed to do whatever they want have no doggy manners, and will rule the roost! These dogs will see themselves as the alpha in the family, and will not listen to any commands. Having company over with these kinds of dogs, is near impossible! I know I  wouldn’t want to visit a house with feces and urine everywhere! This happens because the dog thinks he can go to the bathroom wherever he wants, and he will mark his territory!

Training your dog is very important, for social and saftey reasons. It’s pretty imbarassing when your dog walks you on the leash instead of the other way around! Also, it is important to teach your dog how to act in public. No one likes a dog that is chasing all the other dogs in the park! Your dogs behavior also reflects you. When most people see you out with your dog, they will notice how well your dog acts in public. If people see a dog pulling at the leash and going after others (even if it’s just to meet them) they may be frightened by the dog and pull away. However, if your dog listens well, and heels by your side, they are more likely to be impressed and want to meet your dog. They will be less afraid to let your dog meet their’s as well. Dogs who can perform tricks are also looked at as intelligent and obedient. While dogs who can’t are often seen as "dumb dogs". I’m not saying this is right by any means, but it is how people are.

Training can also save your dog’s life! If your dog doesn’t listen to you when you call him, you have a big problem. For instance, if he is ever heading for a busy street, you can’t stop him. However, if he is taught to come when called, you may be able to save his life! Dog training is also important to save lives of others. After all, dogs have better senses than we do, and training them to use them to save others is a definite plus.

So I hope you see how important dog traing is. I’m not saying that a well trained dog is a total bore either, there are tons of things you can teach your dog that are really fun. Also, training your dog will only help your bond with him. He will learn his place in the family, and a routine. Routines are very important to dogs. It gives them a sense of purpose, and every dog needs a purpose to stay happy and healthy. Otherwise, they will constantly look for ways to get your attention, wether it be good or bad.